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Weekend Tournament Guide

  • Ads: 2 Daily Ads giving 1 WT Ticket per ad.

  • Coin Packs: 1 Daily Coin Packs that gives 2 WT Tickets for 100,000 coins.

  • Tickes: 10 WT Tickets, given weekly upon entry, with more Tickets rewarded elsewhere.

  • Event Duration: Every Thursday to Sunday, refreshing weekly.

 *Tips: Tickets can be earn in Division Rivals


  • Choose a match type for the week. 

  • H2H costs 2 WT Tickets with 2x reward, VSA costs 1 WT Ticket with 1x reward.

  • 11 players are given at the start of each month to build your new squad.

  • Squad can only consists of weekend tournament players in current month league

  • Every month will have different leagues.  

  • Current Month: Bundesliga, Liga NOS, Jupiler Pro League, Saudi Pro League, Austrian Bundesliga and Scottish Premiership.

 *tips: Sell players that with no use earlier for better pricing. 

  • Every week there is squad restriction. 

  • WT Tickets can be carry forward.

 #tips1: use less than 80 OVR player reduce squad chemistry.

 #tips2: upgrade player with the high level skill boost for better team OVR   to gain more point for week1 & 2.

 #tips3: aim for WT Premium Points in milestone rewards


  • F2P: 30 WT Premium Points Player

 *tips: sell earlier and buy back at the end of month.