3 Things To Expect in Preseason

PReseason_Referee TIme.jpg

1. Duration

  • Gonna be at least 6 week event.

    Why ? 

  • Base on past preseason event with a min of 6 weeks.

2. Huge Reset


2.1 Things To Be Reset

  • Your Team and all of the Players in it.

  • Coin Balances and Token Inventories.

  • VS Attack, Achievement, Plans and all other progression.

2.2 Things Will Not Be Reset

  • Your FIFA Point balance.

  • Your League, although league progress such as league achievements will be reset.

  • Unlocked User Logos.

  • User Profile will be converted to a Legacy Profile and will reflect your final progress and records in the current Season of FIFA Mobile.

2.3 Tips

  • When the new season is launched you will receive a reward based on your final Team OVR. This reward will include FIFA Points, Players and Packs which will help give you a head start in the new season. The higher your Team OVR, the better reward you will get! 

  • Use all gems and sell player not in use. 

  • Upgrade players. 


3. Now and Later

  • In this event, some players will have now and later icon or status. Which means it can be brought over to the next season. 

  • Use gem on these players.

  • Can purchase them from market as well but will be costly.