Special Trait

Its is a characteristic of the player. Most of the players have special trait, however not all are good. There are advantages and disadvantages. Below is the list of all special traits and its definition.

1) Inflexibility

Causes a player to play worse if they aren't in their preferred position

2) Long Throw

Player is known for throwing the ball farther than the average player

3) Takes Powerful Driven Free Kicks

Player relies on power rather than placement when taking direct free-kicks

4) Avoids Using Weaker Foot

Player is known to always use his favoured foot

5) Dives into Tackles

Player is known for consistently going to ground while attempting a tackle

6) Tries to Beat Defensive Line

Player is known to frequently attempt to beat the defensive line when a ball is played through to him.

7) Selfish

Player is known for holding onto the ball even when teammates are in a better position

8) Argues with Officials

Player will argue with officials, potentially exacerbating foul situations

9) Early Crosser

Player is known to perform early crosses more frequently

10) Finesse Shot

This player has great accuracy with finesse shots

11) Flair

Player is known to try flamboyant moves (trap, pass, etc.…) during a game

12) Passing - Long Passer

Player performs long passes a lot

13) Long Shot Taker

Player is known for shooting often from long distance

14) Speed Dribbler

Player regularly tries to knock the ball ahead of his opponent and beat him with speed

15) Playmaker

Player is focal point for attacks, teammates pass ball to him more often and make more runs when he has the ball

16) Pushes Up for Corners

GK is known for pushing forward in attack for a corner near the end of a game, if a goal is desperately needed

17) Puncher

GK is known to often punch the ball

18) Long Thrower (GK)

GK likes to start counter attacks with long throws

19) Power Header

Player is known to hit the ball powerfully when heading at goal

20) GK One on One

Gives the goalkeeper an advantage in 1 on 1 situations

21) Giant Throw (Throw-ins)

Player is known for throwing the ball a lot farther than the average player

22) Shooting - Outside Foot Shot

Player is known for shooting with the outside of his foot

23) Swerve

Enables this player to make amazing swerve passes

24) Acrobatic Clearance

Enables the player to do acrobatic clearances

25) Fancy Passes

Enables a player to do fancy passes

26) Stutter Penalties

Causes an AI controlled player to do stutter steps in penalty kicks more frequently

27) Chipped Penalties

Causes an AI controlled player to do chip shots more during penalty kicks

28) Bicycle Kicks

Enables bicycle kicks for this player

29) Diving Headers

Enables diving headers for this player

30) Driven Pass

Enables a player to make better driven lob passes

31) GK Flat Kick

Enables flatter goal kick trajectories for this player