Here is why sell now buy later might not be useful in this event.

Publish on 4/9/20


Market have been overwhelm with OVR104 players right now.  EA Mobile just release 11 F2P premium players and its expected to obtain at least 2 of it. Till date, its the most generous prize we had for the year. Its has always be a great strategy to sell now and buy later but not for this event. Here why..


At the very first hour of the release of OVR104 player, these cards are sold at as high as 37M. After a good 4-5 hours market start to cool down to at a range of  32M+ as the above picture. And now the present moment, its selling at 28M. It may seems like a good deal to sell now buy later but look at below.



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Trading these players in market will cost are to lose the rank. To maintain the rank, transfer the rank to a player and later on transfer back to the OVR104 Neymar. Here's the catch, by transferring back and forth i will cost us 7M. So its only profitable to sell it at the first hour where the market is volatile. Any other later time, you may actually bare losses if you want retain the rank.