The Emirates FA Cup

  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 FA Cup Energy per ad

  • Coin Packs: 5 Weekly Coin Packs that give 15 FA Cup Energy for 200,000 coins

  • Daily Login: 50 Match Points, 15 Football Tokens, 30 Score Tickets

  • Event Duration: June 22nd - July 2nd (10 Days)

 *Tips: Purchase all coin packs


  • Complete 4 node to reach Take A Shot stage

  • Lost a match will move back 1 node

  • VS Attack Chapter unlocks after Scoring a Goal in the Main Chapter. VS Attack is limited to a maximum team OVR of 130.



Rewards: Milestone Rewards

  • Use Match Points and Score Ticket to redeem the rewards.

  • F2P: OVR 99 Almiron

Trade Shop

  • Use Football Tokens to redeem rewards.

  • Refresh rewards once top 3 prize is redeem.

 *tips: Use low tier OVR player for SBC. Rank Shards can increase team   OVR alot faster.