Publish on 7/9/20

Champion Journey - Setting up of champion team

champion journey1.jpg

Its only 12 more days before the end of this event. This event require a full team of Bayern Munich. So the question is if this event is worth it? Here the breakdown

At the release of champion journey, Bayern player price is surging. Everybody is rushing to the market. Best recommend will be wait till the very last week to enter the market at least the price will be rather stable.

Champion Journey2.jpg

This is the list of my team player and cost:

ST 87 Lewandowski - 408K
ST 84 Arp - 615K
CAM 85 Countinho - 310K
CDM 85 Kimmich - 305K
CM 85 Thiago - 303K
RM 82 Coman - 748K
LB 83 Alaba - 462K
CB 83 Sule - 398K
CB 82 Boateng - 410K
CB 82 Hernandez - 445K
GK 87 Neur - 740K

Total cost: 5144K


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This event will cost a net lost of 2044K. However, the rewards such as rank shards, training exp and skill boosts is actually very worth it. Because the season is ending and there will be a huge reset. These coins will actually goes to 0. To know more about how to better position your game play for the end of season you can read more here.